Please note, this section should be used for guidance only and may contain errors. This information is generally for the UK, European countries, or any country which operates on WTO rules for trading with the USA.

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Your order may be subject to VAT. In the United Kingdom, this is charged at 20%.  Children's clothing is zero-rated (i.e no VAT). 

If the goods are being sent directly from the USA, we will not charge you VAT but you may be asked to pay VAT by the shipper either before or after delivery.  FedEx generally will send you an invoice for payment, after delivery.


Duty is generally only charged on orders of £135 or more.  However, if charged, duty on textiles is only 12%.

Admin fee

If the shipper requests payment for VAT or Duty, they may charge an admin fee for this. This fee varies between £8-12.  If you wish to pay VAT/Duty in the US before delivery, you can avoid this admin fee.  Please contact us for more information.

False declarations

We will not make any false customs declarations on your behalf to avoid paying the appropriate tax.