About us

About our company : AmericanBrands.co.uk

Europeanwear Ltd through our website AmericaBrands.co.uk is a multi brand supplier of American branded clothing from some of the largest textiles companies in the USA.

  • We take care of the logistics
  • Deal with Customer Returns
  • Fill in all export documentation.
  • Provide product and delivery information to customers.
  • Sell goods through our UK based company

Our team


What makes us difference?

Take the hassle out of importing and searching for those highly sought after brands from the USA.  We've done the work for you already.  All our clothing is 100% authentic or your money back.  We never supply; shop returns, stock lots, seconds etc.  


We wanted to get some Champion t-shirts for a print job.  Unfortunately none of the American suppliers would sell to us as we are a UK based company.  I was delighted to find Americanbrands.co.uk which supplies a huge range of clothing not available here and their delivery prices from the USA were lower than we would've got!

Martin Davis - Screen Printer

Excellent Delivery service to Singapore.  They were able to send us a whole pallet full of clothing within 1 week.  We wasted a week trying to communicate with USA clothing companies directly but to no avail.  All clothing was top quality and shipping prices for Singapore were reasonable. 

Adrian - Marketing